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I’d like to quickly lay out how this site came to be and why it exists.

So, I, as many people around the world enjoy some porn. One of the best ways to get some quick porn is porn gifs. Well as many of you may know, Tumblr no longer allows you to search on it’s site for porn tumblrs, which is the best place to find a porn gif. Another tidbit is Marissa Mayer wants to also get those tumblrs deindexed from Google. This will, in my opinion, create a vacuum of porn gifs that are easily accessible to the general public.

Well be this as it may, there is another site out there, that is also filled with porn gifs. They are wonderful, great and a SHIT ton of them. Be that as it may, this site does not allow saving, you can only view one at a time and can only view them by clicking and see a new random one. So I said FUCK THAT! I ripped those gifs straight out that fucking site and I am still currently categorizing all 56000~. I think you should be able to save and look at to your hearts content, with categories to help. So, in short, that is why this site exists. I hope you enjoy it, I know I do.

Ok Let’s get to the meat of things. The categories may not make the most sense to people, so I’m going to lay them out how I view them.

Ass – Anal, Nice nude asses, stuff to do with Ass, unless it is non nude, then check that section.

BJs – Blowjobs, Face Fucking, Spit Play, Handjobs with some licking, things like this.

Bondage – Anything to do with restraint, bondage, restriction of movement.

Cosplay – Any type of cosplay/Roleplay, and outfits.

Cum – all forms of cum play and cumshots go here.

Favorites – This is a sort of catchall, for things I find particularly hot but don’t necessarily fit into any of the categories.

Lesbian – Girls playing with girls, sometimes with a boy, but usually without.

Non Nude – No genitals or tits, but not necessarily work safe. Things you can post on social networks without much grief.

Orgasms – Squirting, Female Orgasms, and Facial Expressions. I’m a sucker for hot facial expressions.

Rough – Everything from Rough Sex, Pain, and Discipline. Definitely a hot category.

Solo – Girls playing by themselves, with or without a toy, sometimes not even touching themselves, just looking good.

I hope that sums some of them up for you. Keep coming back, new content is always being added as I sort more gifs out of my mountain of them.

Here, enjoy something sexy after reading so much:


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